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sleep keeps you from me

you, unconscious and at rest
with my newfound enemy:
the Succubus
she eats your dreams of me, love
that’s why you can’t remember them

then, this great Lake
like a cold floor
between our warm
twin beds in winter
get out of bed, love,
come, sail to mine, risk it

simpler, open your hazel eyes, please
thumbs, please dance in the blue light
say more, tell more, please
anything satisfies, love
everything does

more. more. more.

i decide, beloved,
to curse and steal
your sleep, i cast you awake, reel you in
that’s why we’re both so tired
come morning

you disrupting my life
i disrupting yours
equally, beautifully
always perfectly equal

only until your
scent imprints on my pillows and neck
your strong, hairy limbs entwine mine, smooth and soft
our fingers finally warmed, at rest
beneath our sexed sheets

and our eyes close
our breath slows
we say goodnight to each other always

‘night, sweet
baby, ‘sleep