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Amscape : (noun) [ am-skāp ]
(am + scape)

The exclusively self-known, inner landscape encompassing the psychic and pneumatic terrain of a person; the interiority of be-ing|beingness; the complex and mysterious interiority of a human being distinct from one’s outward persona or personality and from the professional, familial, interpersonal, or social psychological evaluations, analyses, opinions, perceptions or stereotypes rendered or held by others.

from the Online Etymology Dictionary:

am (v.)
first-person singular present indicative of be (q.v.); Old English eom “to be, to remain,” (Mercian eam, Northumbrian am), from Proto-Germanic *izm(i)-, from PIE *esmi- (source also of Old Norse emi, Gothic im, Hittite esmi, Old Church Slavonic jesmi, Lithuanian esmi), first-person singular form of the root *es- “to be.”

landscape (n.)
c. 1600, “painting representing an extensive view of natural scenery,” from Dutch landschap “landscape,” in art, a secondary sense from Middle Dutch landscap “region,” from land “land” (see land) + -scap “-ship, condition” (see -ship).